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Meditation Course  

An online meditation course has been hosted at since 1997. The 12-week course provides a clear and practical introduction to tranquillity and insight practices originating in the Theravada tradition of Buddhism, but beneficial to all. The course is usually offered in January, April/May and September each year.


All of the documents at take their lead from the Pali Canon, which is an authoritative record of the historical Buddha's teachings. They are part of a living spiritual tradition that continues to flourish after two and a half millennia. These documents provide contextual background for the meditation practice. 


The website,, is an independent site which promotes a balanced approach to the practice of meditation. It aims to offer resources to help nurture and sustain a fulfilling and effective meditation practice. 

Meditation Teachings 

In addition to presenting the core texts of early Buddhism, is developing an online library featuring some of the finest modern writing on meditation. 


A newsletter contains details of new courses and items of interest to those meditating in the vipassana and samatha traditions. 

Frequently-Asked Questions 

What is vipassana? 

In the Pali language of the early Buddhist texts, vipassana means insight. It is often used to describe one of the two main categories of Buddhist meditation (the other being samatha or tranquillity).  

What is Theravada Buddhism? 

It is the southern form of Buddhism now found mainly in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. Theravada Buddhism is the oldest living tradition and its core teachings are based on the word of the Buddha as found in the earliest texts. 

Are the courses only for Buddhists? 

Definitely not. Most of the participants are not Buddhist. The courses always have a wide range of people of many different faiths (and of no faith). While the context in which the particular meditation practices developed is explained, the aim is to help people to learn to meditate, in a clear and systematic way, to see if it is useful in their lives - whatever their existing beliefs.

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