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Bodhicitta Love


Bodhicitta Love Never Excludes or Rejects Anybody

One of the most difficult ways to practice Bodhicitta, practicing love, compassion, and forgiveness, is towards ourselves. This can be very difficult for us. We can be very loving and compassionate and demonstrate honorable intentions toward others, but we can be very hardhearted and closed-minded when it comes to relating to our own suffering.  

Oftentimes we need to be the object of our own compassion, because we have a deeply ingrained hatred towards ourselves, which we do not completely understand, so we avoid dealing with it. This is why it is so easy to take someone else as the object of our love and compassion. We like to play the role of savior, trying to help others, so we can continue ignoring our own issues. This is why it is so important to practice tonglen for ourselves regularly. This is the most powerful healing method we can incorporate into our lives.  

When we become capable of acknowledging our own suffering through tonglen practice, we can swiftly resolve our karmic issues. We can experience the amazing transformation of suffering into happiness.  

It takes a lot of meditation and Dharma practice to unfold love towards oneself and towards all other beings. When we practice Bodhicitta mind we should not practice it partially. We should include all sentient beings. This includes our co-workers and family members, people we pass by on the street every day, homeless people we see laying in a doorway, politicians we disagree with, angry gas station attendants.  

Bodhicitta love never excludes or rejects anybody. Ego has the tendency to reject and exclude certain people. However, this Bodhicitta mind can include all other beings without reference point, including ourselves. This is because within this Bodhicitta mind, there is no idea of a self to construct barriers, to establish boundaries that keep others out of our hearts and prevent us from entering into theirs.  

In Bodhicitta mind, there is only one heart. To realize this we must start with ourselves. We have to journey into the unknown territory of our own hearts to uncover the love and compassion that is already there. This journey of uncovering love and compassion is one of acknowledgment, acceptance, and letting go.
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