The SourcePoint Practice


The SourcePoint Practice is a simple effective method for reducing stress, creating optimal health, and empowering the heart.


Ancient, modern and revolutionary, the SourcePoint Practice is derived from 2600 year-old wisdom teachings and is supported by modern medical research. Use the SourcePoint Practice to create a revolutionary shift in your perception and way of life.  

This practice offers a simple, highly effective way to reduce the stress of modern living, create optimal health, and cultivate the enlightened qualities of your heart.  

Recent medical research has shown that by cultivating heart-centered perception, you can shift your mind and physiology from stress and anxiety-based activity to a calmer, more fulfilling, healthy and empowered state of being.  

The peace, wisdom and fulfillment you are looking for are within the heart, waiting to be experienced. You simply need a way to access this experience. Anyone can learn the SourcePoint Practice and you can use this method anytime, anywhere. 

You have everything you need right inside of your own heart

This section describes the SourcePoint Practice as follows: 

May using the SourcePoint Practice prove to be an important milestone in your life.

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Source : Developed by Neil Steven Cohen. Information located at (Accessed December 25, 2012.)
SourcePoint Global Outreach is a non-profit organization founded in 2001. Through their outreach projects, they are dedicated to serving the welfare and upliftment of their local and global community. As part of their outreach, the SourcePoint Practice is offered as a simple yet effective method for reducing stress, creating optimal health, and empowering the heart. By using the SourcePoint Practice, the intent is for people to gain access to their most important and valuable resource – the heart.