A bodhisattva is one who is dedicated to serving the highest welfare of all living beings with the awakened heart of unconditional love, skillful wisdom, and all-embracing compassion.

The following information is a simple, easy to read, yet very profound teaching presenting the essence of the Bodhisattva path. Tulku Thubten Rinpoche offers the following words in this teaching: "The proven path to success already exists. It is right here for us, in this moment. However, it is important to know how to essentialize the teachings, to look to their meaning, or Dharma can be very confusing. We have to recognize that the essence of all the teachings is Bodhicitta, the awakened state of mind which is compassion itself."  

In this section, the following topics are covered:

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Source: Used with permission from Neil Cohen at Naljor Prison Dharma Service, PO Box 1177, Mount Shasta CA 96067. The writing of Tulku Thubten Rinpoche is acknowledged. (

Photo Credit: Intellimon Ltd.